About Us

Crown Properties are a family run property company based in Scarborough. We have spent the last twenty years building up a significant portfolio of properties for residential and commercial use. Many of our rental properties are in or close to the town centre. In the past few years we have built a number of new rental properties for social housing.

Our properties range from a one bedroom flat to a five bedroom house. Many of our properties have, central heating and double glazing but some of our older Victorian properties, due to restrictions may not.

As a major provider of rental accommodation in Scarborough, we accept Local Housing Allowance for many of our properties. Crown Properties own all the properties available for rent. We do not act on behalf of any other landlords. We have complete control over all our properties and we have a team of experienced tradesmen to help us maintain and manage all our properties to a high standard.

Our office staff are fully trained to help tenants achieve their most suitable accommodation requirements, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01723 506070.